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Michael Harvey is 57 year old and from last 15 years he is involved with renewable energy. Since last 6 years he is considering energy creation gravely and manufacturing solar and wind power systems for his family and friends. Michael Harvey has bent Earth4Energy Kit, which can decrease your power bill up to 80% or may get rid of it entirely. The Earth4Energy Kit will guide you about creating electrical energy from your own house. You can generate the electricity from your backyard.

Michael Harvey has attracted many people to his house as his house is noticeable from the main road and every one comes to his house and asks him about his solar and wind generators. The people are curious to know about the green energy system that is fabricated by him and they wish to have similar set-up at their houses as well.

Michael Harvey has a passion for the environment and wishes that huge number of people to start generating their own power. His main objective is to get your home running on free, renewable energy. And on the basis of this dream he wrote a book with a detailed explanation how people could make a power generating systems by themselves. And when people used to approach him for creation of power systems he started offering this book to the people in return. This book has acknowledged many positive feedback's and it is published online to assist the people from all over world. Michael Harvey is serving lot of people on daily basis through this web site. The money generated on this web site is used again for advertising.

On the basis of this implementation anyone who sticks together with Earth4Energy is not only helping them selves but are also helping the whole world by keeping the environment clean. The people who are fascinated in producing electricity from their own home-based solar panels or wind generator can read the Earth4Energy instruction booklet. The members also take video instructions, which help them in build their solar panels. If you are willing to join the membership and once you become a member then you get an unlimited access that means you will receive all updated books and videos in the future.

If you wish to simply diminish your electricity bills or totally eliminate them - Earth4Energy has a solution for you. "Michael's complete step-by-step entirely illustrated manual and easy to follow videos will guide you generating your own electricity for less than $200!"

The Advantages of Earth4 Energy Kit are as follows:

  • It accumulates hundreds of dollars every time you get your electricity bill!

  • Manufacturing electricity at home helps to keep the environment neat and clean.

  • It's trouble-free to build on your own.

  • The kit encloses complete information so that home project gets easy.

  • You can create renewable power for less then $200!

  • You can create it just as similar to a professional build.

  • This guide has great resources to manufacturing a quality windmill or a solar power system.

The instruction booklet contains step-by-step directions, which makes it a very easy job for any person. Constructing and establishing your own wind power system becomes trouble-free and you'll begin creating electrical energy from your own windmill in very less time.

This book focuses on the following topics:

  • What to do earlier than you start - a very significant part.

  • How does solar and wind power work.

  • Construct your own wind power originator - complete directions.

  • Build your own solar power generator - money saving key. Complete setup directions with easy to follow illustrations.

  • How you can decrease your oil dependence - a real money saver!

  • How you can use ethanol and save thousands.

Assemble your own solar power system

You can make a enormous solar power system for as just $200 - Through using parts available at your confined hardware store. This system can be used to power up on the whole any appliance you have in your residence: fridge, washing machine, lights, and computer, TVs. It has a one immense feature and that is it’s moveable which means you can carry it with you anywhere you want.

The Earth4Energy DIY kit has complete instructions and is available with video education to help you construct your first solar panel in a weekend. Knowing how to make your own solar energy will give you the liberty to go completely off grid.

Solar plates for homes have a lot of benefits. Although they will need some time to complete but then at the end you can collect all of the benefits. You can use the electricity for every purpose you want, and it will not deplete any resource. And you can achieve this by maintaining environment neat and clean. Discover as much as you can about how to construct your own solar panel so that you can do it the accurate way. The better you create solar board at your home the maximum benefits you can obtain from it.

Knowledge how to make a solar panel permits you to produce electricity from the sun.
With the help of this process you can save lot of money and the saved money can be used for other expenses. It has been noticed that the people are also interested in the other alternative that is how to construct a wind generator. The process of manufacturing a solar panel can be less time consuming than wind generator.

Solar panels are an enormous method to use the natural essentials of the Earth to create energy. We can use solar plates to accumulate sunlight and change it to energy that can be used for electricity. Professionals can mount home solar panels anywhere you live.

If you wish to save more money you can take help from solar home kits.
You can transform any category of home or business into solitary that uses solar power with intention to build electricity.

In case due to some reason if you don’t save sufficient sunlight for all of your electricity you can bring together adequate of it to considerably decrease what you do utilize. And this manner we can all facilitate the environment. While helping the environment when you establish home solar panels you will be saving funds on electrical energy.

You can look for a tax inducement in your region to save more money. It’s a reimbursement offered from government side to persuade people to situate solar panels in place. There are many building firm who are taking advantage of them as well. They can attain some tax breaks from the government with solar panels feature in their new homes construction.

Create your own wind power system

Generally wind power is useful and is a good support for the time when you have long periods of cloudy days. You require a few inexpensive items from your hardware store and a few hours and you can get free green energy from your own windmill.

Michael Harvey has written instructions in very straightforward English so that every person can create this power-producing windmill. This windmill can provide electricity to your home appliances and you can craft it for less than $200! If you know the secret techniques to build a windmill then you can easily build it in just $100.

If you work exactly as told in the manual you can easily make it, which will look like, a professional built. There are a few Earth4Energy members who are selling their home-based windmills for nice earnings.

Wind generators have different benefits. The two most familiar benefits are to save money and decrease polluting the environment.

Manufacturing wind generators is the best way to make alternate source of energy.
Wind generators look as if they are growing in statistics all over the place. The more electricity we consume the more amount of bill we need to pay. So what exactly do you want to keep an eye on electric company or wish to do workout for the same?

A professional can erect a wind generator for you. These are frequently the superior turbine styles although. They are very high and weighty so getting them appropriately in place requires the use of intense apparatus. The other option is home wind generators that you can construct on your own. They are smaller in size and within your means that is they are inexpensive. In case you don’t have a vast land then also you can place wind generators on it.

There are a lot of magnificent benefits of wind power. Money is a main aspect, as we all know additional expenses is keep on increasing in today’s lifestyle. Simultaneously technology needs us to use more and more electrical energy if we need to use a variety of devices in our homes. With the help of wind generator you can keep your hard earned money for the other expenses in your pocket.

Although there is a possibility that home wind generators may not make all of the electricity you require. As a consequence you will utilize what you create first, then change to the grid obtainable by the electric company. If this happens then also you can save a lot of money on the basis of every month.

The government has introduced tax incentives for the people who put in wind generators. It’s a simple method of encouraging people to maintain the environment neat and clean. They also recognize that sometimes the preliminary costs to obtain started are what stop people from moving onward with the development. Wind generators are unquestionably environmentally forthcoming.

Accumulate your energy... For free of cost!

The Michael Harvey manual provides all the quality information and it also states from where you can get the batteries for free of cost. These are high excellence deep cycle batteries, which are ideal for storing energy formed by your substitute energy system.

The process of creating energy at your home may seem complex but don’t take tension regarding it. There are some tremendous videos on You Tube, which can be very useful for the process of creating electricity.

One time you watch some of these videos, you will feel very provoked to set up solar panels at your residence. With solar plates at your home you will accumulate money every month on the electrical energy you use. After placing solar plates at your home you will notice that it increased resell value of your assets.

We utilize the latest technologies that in our day-to-day work and in that manner we are consuming more and more electricity all the time. While adopting solar panels at your homes you can persist to use updated gadgets and feel good about what you are doing is good from environmental side as well.

There are few people who have used the Earth4Energy blueprint plans to create their own electrical energy and are saving money every day and their feedback's are as follows:

  • Hi Michael,

    I really enjoyed watching the videos about joining the solar cells. Very simple to follow. Good job!

    Thank you,

    Adam Sands California

  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the detailed guide. I made my first windmill on the weekend and I am just letting you know its going great! I could not have done it without your detailed diagrams. All I need to do now is to paint the end of the blades like the one on your web site and fix it properly to my roof. I am actually going to make a few of these so I can eliminate my power bill completely!

    Thanks again,

    Mark Monarsh


  • Hay Michael,

    I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks. My wife and I have been looking for good information on renewable energy solutions for some time now because of the recent price increase in traditional energy sources. After receiving your Earth4Enregy guide we made our own solar panel grid, and it is giving us more than enough energy to power our household appliances. Our next step is to build a wind powered system for those cloudy days. We have already noticed how much money we can save! Thanks again for giving us the know how to help make this a better world for our kids and grand kids.


And there are many more positive feedbacks about the Earth4Energy Kit.

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